Baby Brezza Water Kettle

I bet you thought that having a baby meant cuddles and endless photographic moments. While Breezathese happy times are frequent, there is also the stress of being a new mom.  My daughter has been a new mom for 3 weeks now and baby sweet pea is definitely giving her (us) a run for her (our) money.

Up at 3 am, sleepy eye and feeding the baby- suddenly the job of motherhood is not all as pleasant as people made it out to be.

While my daughter is adjusting to being  a new parents she has some extra hands on deck and a wonderful product that makes those 3 am feedings a little easier.

Introducing the Baby Brezza temperature control kettle. Sears first introduced me to the product back in  October when I became a  Baby’s Room Ambassador. I was browsing the Baby room and there low and behold on the shelf was the Baby Breeza temperature control kettle. I knew right then that this was one product my daughter needed. You could say that it is a baby shower gift must purchase.


This unique water kettle speedily heats
water up to 98 degrees, then holds it there all day long – so the water for baby’s bottle is always ready, all the time.

Note:  The kettle is not meant to purify the water; it is meant to keep it at 98 degrees.

You can use purified water or do as we do and boil the water before filing the kettle. The kettle holds up to 51 ounces of water, enough for most babies’ daily intake and the built in thermometer gives you assurance that your water is at the right temperature.

The Temp Control Water Kettle is really a must-have product for those who make formula bottles for their baby. We have been using this for almost two weeks now and we found our water is always 98 degrees – warm enough to mix the formula well and go straight to feeding.

My husband who is usually not amazed by new baby gadgets loves the kettle too. In fact he is the one who has been making all of my granddaughter’s bottles.

Check out the Baby Brezza website for this products or look for it at Sears, Amazon and wherever baby items are sold!

Disclosure: I received these product to review in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.



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