Pretty Pushers Labor Gown

Pretty Pushers is a new take on the typical hospital gown. Why some expected mothers would Pretty Pushers Delivery Gownnever consider paying so much for something they will wear just one and toss a way, many women are choosing to purchase these fashionable labor and delivery gowns. Like traditional hospital gowns, they provide access to nurses and doctors for IVs, epidurals, etc.

Personally, I think these would make a great shower gift. The baby gets spoiled no matter what, so why not spoil mommy with a great item to stick in her hospital bag?

My daughter was given an opportunity by to try out a Pretty Pusher. I know that she was so looking forward to wearing her gown during labor and had it packed in her bag. Unfortunately she did not get that opportunity as she went into labor early and ended up wearing the standard-issue hospital gown.


Even though she didn’t wear the gown during labor and delivery, she did wear it the day after Pretty Pushersduring her hospital stay and received several comments from the nurses! The first thing my daughter noticed  when she tried on the gown was that the cotton was super soft!  The top is halter-form so that the baby can have easy access for breast-feeding and skin-to-skin contact. We unfortunately don’t have any pictures of my daughter wearing the gown during her hospital stay, but we do have one of her when she first tried the gown on.


Pretty Pushers also make for a great post-partum gown. Pretty Pushers Delivery Gowns come in One-Size and Plus Size. Several different prints and colors make for fun delivery gown fashion! Would you wear a Pretty Pusher? takes the time to find the items that make a difference to you and turns the new experience of motherhood into a fun and creative time. Visit them today and order your Pretty Pusher Delivery Gown.

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  1. These look nice! And they look a lot more comfortable then what I had to wear.
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