Cozy Cocoon

A Cozy Cocoon is a must-have for any parent who will be having a newborn photo session with their little Cozy Cocoonone. More than a newborn photo prop though, the Cozy Cocoon is the perfect product for swaddling.

Swaddling works particularly well for about the first 3 months, as it reduces  baby startling herself awake.

We found  the baby cocoon super easy to use! There are no straps, velcro, zippers or snaps. Smartly designed from soft stretchy fabric, you simply slip it up over the baby like you would put on a sock.


Because the fabric is slightly stretchy, your baby can actually move around a bit, stretching their arms and legs – when they’re in it.

The Cocoon is  also very useful for swaddling, as you can use it with both arms in, one arm in or both arms out.

Also, if you’re  a mom not skilled at the art of swaddling, then a cozy cocoon is the perfect solution. We actually found it  so much quicker and easier to use than a more tradition swaddle wrap.

These beautiful  cocoons also make a unique gift for a newborn or an impressive baby shower gift!

My granddaughter prefers to have her arms out. Pictured to your right being camera shy.

Visit  Cozy Cocoon to view the range of baby Cocoons.


All Cozy Cocoon products are designed and manufactured in the USA


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