This is not your ordinary toy car set! Winner of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s the Car Go CargProducts Award this toy “truck” from B Toys holds four space-shaped race-cars.

Each toy car has a bubble top with rattling bead inside, adding sound and motion.

The truck’s windshield is filled with rattling beads, too and I just love the bold colors of the play-set.

When children fold down the sides of the truck, it forms a compact, figure-eight racecourse.

When play time is over, everything tucks away neatly inside the truck. The the convenient carrying handle makes this a great toy to take with you on the go. The handy handle also makes this truck easy for small hands to roll on the floor.

It also includes a to/from gift tag for gifting, making it the perfect present for birthday parties or even Easter.

Whether you’ve got a play date or are staying at home, this versatile toy car set will provide your children with  endless options for fun. My friend gave the Car Go Cargo to her daycare children and they absolutely loved it. Why not Give it a whirl at

We have just featured this all-in-one truck in our Easter gift guide. Check out the Guide for other great Easter Ideas.

B. toys donates 10 cents of every purchase to Free the Children an organization that was started by 12-year-old Craig Kielburger in 1995 and has caught on to over one million youth from over 45 countries. You can read more about this wonderful organization on their website.

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