Honeywell Smart Energy Plus Cool Touch Heater

When it’s cold outside heat the rooms in your home with the Honeywell Cool Touch Heater. This little heater provides just the right amount of heat where you need it most.

Running a heater like  the Honeywell cool touch can help you heat your home for a lower cost than running the more expensive natural gas, oil or electric heat that many homes have.

When operating in Energy Smart mode,  the feature on this Honeywell compact space heater can ultimately result in a 35% savings reduction on your energy bill.

Space Heater Safety

The safety features present on space heaters have changed over the years to help avoid the accidents that once often resulted in fires.  For safety, the “Honeywell Cool Touch Heater” remains cool to the touch, and it features Honeywell® Smart Energy Plus™ Cool Touch Heaterprotection against overheating or tipping. Because the heaters  doesn’t become hot to the touch,  this heater is the safer choice for use if you have children or pets in your home.

With a sleek, slim design, the heater fits easily in any room. The heater can also easily be moved from room to room.

We found the oscillation feature nice, as it distributes heat throughout the room. I also love that it has a thermometer reading on it that displays the current room temperature.

Overall, I highly recommend this heater and intend to buy  another-one for the house.

Honeywell Plugged In @Home is your go to resource for creating optimum home  comfort with portable Honeywell products. For more information why not visit them on Facebook or at


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  1. I thinks its good to use this..Thanks for sharing this..
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  2. i do not have a honeywell space heater but I love my honeywell humidifier, it has lasted a long time.



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