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In our fast-food culture, maintaining a healthy weight can be quite difficult. Why not help mom loose weight this Mother’s Day by encouraging her to eat healthier. One way mom can loose weight is by increasing her greens. Salads are very popular in the Summer season when it is too hot out to cook.  The variety of salads one can make is endless. A salad simply isn’t a salad without  some toppings.  Fruit can be great salad toppings. Consider doubling up on the eggs, and chicken you add to your salad to keep you fuller or make a leafless salad with fresh vegetables.

Once you have used the topping’s of your choice, you may want to try a salad dressing.  Instead of buying store made salad dressings encourage mom to make her own. Home-made dressings are always  the safer bet, because you can control exactly what’s in them.  If you want a creamy dressing for your salad, you use low fat mayonnaise. Try different oils and vinegars.

Don’t forget to buy mom a Glass Salad Dressing Bottle from 

The Catamount glass dressing jar is a convenient and easy way to prepare homemade salad dressings. The bottle includes 5 easy recipes right on the bottle. Recipes included are  – Greek Dressing, Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, Basic Vinaigrette, or Caesar. This fabulous salad dressing bottle is the perfect container to mix and store homemade salad dressing.

I have made two of the recipes so far and they both taste delicious. The bottle washes easily and the cap stays on nicely.

For Mother’s Day this year, help Mom stay healthy with the Glass Salad Dressing Bottle available at for just 6.95 plus shipping.

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