There’s nothing worse than standing in the pouring rain, with a cart full of groceries and a crying child pulling on your pant leg. Mean while you’re fumbling around in your large handbag searching for your car keys. If this has happened to you or someone you know don’t leave them stranded.

Instead try this handy little purse accessory at “Isn’t This Clever” and never dig for keys again!

The Finders Key Purse key finder keeps your keys handy at all times. Attach your keys to the key chain clasp and rest the decorative hook on the edge of your bag – it’s so easy!

Finders Key Purse key ring designs range from crowns and hearts to martinis and sandals. New is the Finders Keep Hers. Now you can keep your keys and lip balm handy for use whenever & wherever you are. Finders Keep Hers combine Finders Key Purse & Lip Balm together.

Like the Finders Key Purse you attach your keys to the key chain clasp and rest the decorative hook on the edge of your bag. Simply slide the top open for lip balm. The lip balm is a very pleasant vanilla flavor. Lip Balm contains organic ingredients, palm oil, beeswax, olive oil, lite vanilla flavor, hemp seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, & vitamin E. Refill packages of lip balm are available.

This Mother’s Day give mom a practical gift. Visit Isn’ to see the full line of the Finders Key Purse and Finder Keep Hers designs available .


About Isn’t This Clever

Isn’t This Clever is the brainchild of the group here at Just P.A.T., Inc. Just P.A.T. stands for “Just Patents & Trademarks” and that’s what we’re about. Our website focuses on unique and clever products invented by everyday people. We want to make sure that folks with extraordinary products get more exposure and well deserved attention within the marketplace. As a result, provides customers a variety of novel products with solutions. Moreover, good quality products, fast shipping and friendly customer service are our priority because we know how important these factors are to gaining a loyal customer base.


ALEXX Owner, President and Inventor, Sandy Stein is the maker of the patented Finders Key Purse® key chain. The idea came from a message her deceased father sent her in a dream and the successful operation has been from her drive and determination. Four years later, more than 4 million Finders Key Purse® sold and 12,000 customers through out the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa and South America, ©Alexx, Inc. continues to grow its distribution as well as its product lines.

Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.

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  1. Great! Need to grab one for my mother. She definitely need that key finder. Maybe I can get one for myself as well. It’s pretty cute. Thanks for sharing^^
    Ashlynn Ross recently posted..EcoTools & Earth Month – The Living Beautifully Community



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