A spa is a great way to relax after a long day, however as any spa owner knows, a spa cover is essential. It keeps the spa protected from small children and pets, moreover it also keeps dust, insects and debris from polluting the spa.

Is your Spa Cover keeping you safe?

Every year people are injured by foam hot tub covers. People have even been drowned when they have become trapped under heavy foam covers reports the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

You owe it to yourself and your family to purchase a spa cover from spacap.com. Since SpaCap hot tub covers use air to insulate rather than the foam found in typical spa covers, the improved spa cover insulates better, lasts longer and stays light weight.

Choosing a Spa Cover

It is not uncommon for foam spa covers to be completely destroyed by  heavy rain or hail. In order to resist lift from the wind choose a flexible dome shape spa cover.  If you live in an area that gets strong winds you already know that rigid foam spa covers fly at the first sign of heavy winds. Without any flat rigid surface for high wind to create lift the light weight spa covers from SpaCap will stay put on your Hot Tub. Plus the air filled spa cover will be able to withstand fierce hail stones and storms without getting damaged.  More-so, the natural dome shape that Spa Cap creates allows for any rain or debris to run off and away from your Hot Tub.

A spa cover is also a very good way to help conserve energy.  A spa cover acts like a blanket, trapping the heat inside your spa. Unlike rigid foam covers that are never in contact with the water they are supposed to keep warm, SpaCap hot tub covers rest on the surface of the water, drastically reducing heat loss from evaporation.

Why Order Custom Spa Covers?

A close up of a Cocoa and Orange Spa Cover on a cabinet style spa.

With SpaCap Spa Covers  you can even color coordinate your outdoor decor, because replacement spa covers are made to order. If your tired of replacing your spa cover every year with the same old thing, look for the next generation in spa covers –Spacap. Since there is no rigid foam in the SpaCap Spa Covers  they won’t saturate, break or warp like typical Hot Tub Covers.  To get more information about Spa Cap, visit spacap.com so you can begin custom designing your Spa Cap cover today.

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