As the Christmas holiday approaches, families are often stumped as to what to give to the newborn baby or Early Years Stroll Along Monkey Spiralexpectant mom in their lives. Early-years has some of the simplest sensory gifts you can give.

Made of quality soft fabric; with lots of great colors and patterns the Earlyears Stroll Along Monkey Spiral attaches to cribs and the handles of most infant carriers, car seats and strollers to entertain and amuse babies. This is a toy which appeals to all the senses.

The toy provides both visual and auditory stimulation for baby.  When the playful monkey’s jittering, squeaker banana is pulledStroll Along Monkey Spiral down it wiggles, vibrates and jitters its way back into place, which will fascinate baby promoting development of eye-hand coordination.

The banana also has a squeaker inside and the furry blue monkey is a colorful and soft pal, as well as a rattle. Both of these toys will stimulate your baby through sight, sound and touch which is an important part of baby’s auditory development.

With attached rings to grasp and a bouncing baby monkey to shake and rattle, overall the Early Years Stroll Along Monkey Spiral is sure to keep baby busy whether on the go or waking up from a nap. It was the perfect gift to give my daughter who is due in March.

Earlyears is International Playthings LLC proprietary brand for ages 0-18 months, are designed to entice, entertain and nurture growing babies every step of the way – from their first sensory experiences, to the development of cognitive, language and social skills. BE sure to check out their full line at http://www.earlyears.com/

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