There are monsters in the closet,  and a boogeyman hiding under the bed.  Many children have a fear of the dark, but there are some things we can do to help kids overcome that fear. Make your child feel comfortable. Show them that there’s nothing in the closet, under the bed  and it is their teddy bear in the corner. Positively assure  them that no harm will come to them and that you are close by.  Provide support for your child by placing a nightlight in their room.  Nightlights can be an effective way to help children feel more secure at night. For parents, it can be the only way to ensure that  you get a full night’s sleep.

There are many different kinds of night lights on the market. Our personal favorite happens to be KinderGlo nightlights.  Shaped  like characters these rechargeable nightlights are made of a non-toxic plastic that won’t ever get hot to the touch, meaning your child can carry  them with them to the bathroom or cuddle with them in bed.
 Each Kinderglo nightlight comes with a charging base, and ac adaptor, Plug the AC adapter cable into the KinderGlo charging base and the adapter into a convenient wall outlet. Set the KinderGlo Nightlight onto the charging base. The  indicator light will glow red if charging.  The charger will power your nightlight for  8-10 hrs of light.

Pressing the light button on the bottom of the KinderGlo nightlight figure will turn on the nightlight and select continually changing colors or a constant single color of blue, red or green. The night light automatically dim and shuts off after 30 minutes in all color settings,  or parents can press and hold the button for three seconds to keep the KinderGlo on all night.

We were sent Hootie to review. Hooties is about 5 inches tall and has all the same features common as the KinderGlo Night Lights.  Currently, there are 8 different adorable characters to choose from and  they are available for only $24.95 at the Kinderglo Store and Amazon.

Sleep  is particularly important for children, as it directly impacts mental and physical development. A Kinderglo makes sleep time easier and would make a great gift for any child who is afraid of the dark.




I received the KinderGlo Quarter Moon LED Night Light from Blue Moon Lites, Inc. in order to write my review. No other compensation was received.

Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.

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