By Shawn DesRochers

Radio Flyer- You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Radio Flyer brings back so many great memories of when I was a young boy. I remember pulling my little red wagon around the yard helping my mother harvest the family’s vegetable garden.

Radio Flyer

I also remember giving rides up and down the driveway to my younger siblings, and yet I never grew bored with my little red wagon. I always found new adventures. I loved that little red wagon; we were inseparable.
Oh those were the days!

I am not alone as many grandparents and parents alike all remember the look and style of Radio Flyer’s little red wagon. It’s become a memory imprinted in our hearts and it was all started by one man who loved to bring a smile to children’s faces.

Radio Flyer Wagons have been a part of our heritage for more than 95 years, started by Mr. Antonio Pasin in 1917.

The first wagons ever built by Mr. Antonio Pasin, where first called Liberty Coaster, made of steel wheels and wood trailer frames. In Chicago Mr. Antonio Pasin built his dream, and 95 years later Radio Flyer is a well known household name that’s been continuing his vision by bringing a smile to children’s faces around the globe.

Keeping with tradition, Radio Flyer has just released its new addition- The 4 in 1 Ultimate Grow-With-Me Trike!

We received the Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trike to review. I was pleased to see that Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike RedRadio Flyer has kept with their tradition of excellence.

This 4 in 1trike is sure to bring a smile to your child’s faces for many years, as it will see them through their toddler years to preschool years.

The 4 in 1 trike is geared for children 9 months to 5 years old and comes with so many features like the grow-with-me adjustability seat, and a sturdy steel frame, that you’re sure to love, as your child learns to pedal their very first big bike trike.

This 4-in-1 tricycle converts from a stroller to a steering trike, to a learning to ride trike and finally a classic trike that will bring lots of riding enjoyment to your child.

But that’s not all Radio Flyer included!

• Removable wrap around tray with cup holder to protect your child

• Secure 3-point harness (removable)

• Adult steer & stroll height adjustable push handle (removable)

• Switches from pedals to foot rests

• Comfortable headrest provides neck support (removable)

• Adjustable grow-with-me seat

• Unique stroller-style canopy with UV protection (removable)

• Covered bin for parent or child storage

• Quiet ride tires

• Sturdy steel frame

As a parent, I truly see the value of the Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Ultimate Grow with Me Trike. It’s practical and affordable and with Radio Flyer’s passion for excellence I am sure your child will be able to pass this 4 in 1 trike down to their children.

A must have this holiday season. I know my wife’s friend’s little boy will be delighted Christmas morning when he opens his trike from Santa.

About Radio Flyer®

Radio Flyer Inc.®, the maker of the original little red wagon, tricycles, scooters and other ride-ons, has been a privately held, family-run company since 1917. For more information about Radio Flyer, visit

Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.


  1. Radio Flyer.. they are timeless gifts for all kids and then when they get old enough for sports, it makes life easier to transport stuff!!


  2. I am getting my daughter one for Christmas, I sure hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed mine.


  3. My grandson turned 5 in August. Last year the only thing he said he wanted was a wagon. He wanted one to pull his younger sister around in and to help daddy with things in the yard. Well the little man never did get his wagon as of yet. So maybe if he is lucky he will soon have one with his name on it. Just like the Radio Flyer one here.
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