Perfect Christmas gift for the young architect in the family

Magneatos Curves 24 pcs

Stepping away from the Lego tradition of building with bricks-  Magneatos curves are magnetized and connect together easily.

Magneatos are a making toy that will provide hours of open-ended exploration for children as your child uses his/her imagination  to build a number of things. The possibilities are endless! Children can make animals, build structures create shapes and even make letters.

Unlike other toys, children never become bored of  Magneatos, since the variety of shapes that a child can make is limited only to their imagination. Even mom and dad will enjoy playing with Magneatos.

The Jumbo-sized Curves magnetic construction set is the perfect size for little hands to easily grasp and manage.

The mom in me is of course very impressed with the educational factor of Magneatos. Matching up the small and large rods by color teaches children color and matching.

My favorite feature of the Magneatos curves  set? The magnets, of course! The magnetic pieces allow easily shaped creations that will undoubtedly increase your child’s self esteem as they expand their imagination.

If you are thinking of introducing your child to Magneatos, which I recommend you do- Magneatos Curves 24 pcsMagneatos are recommended for children age 2 and up. Jumbo-sized Curves are great by themselves or when used to build with standard or intermediate Magneatos.

Stylish, and fun, Magneatos Curves really are a great option to stimulate the imagination of children and adults alike.

Available for purchase at is about mothers and their children.  About finding the right quality products for your new blooming body and then for your new little blossom!  MaliMooBaby tries takes the time to find the items that make a difference to you and that make the new experience of mothersood into a fun and creative time.

Magneatos Curves are in Today’s Woman’s Gift Guide. Santa recommended!

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