Kicking Horse

By J DesRochers

Like all good things, Kicking Horse Coffee starts with a story, a good story, refreshing like every cup of coffee they produce. Whether you choose the great Western legend, or the classic home brewed tale- there is no mistake that Kicking Horse Coffee packs a punch.

Traveling back to 1885, James Hector began his journey, and upon his journey he discovered the Kicking Horse Valley. His travels took him through the great West, where he encountered the vast beauty of the rugged terrain and the overall captivating great outdoors. As he crossed a river, one of the horses in the pack kicked Hector so hard that the others on the journey believed he was dead. As they began to bury him they noticed a twitch in the eye.

Like T.S Elliot’s Love Song of Alfred Prufrock, James Hector quite literally “measured out [his] life with coffee spoons.” It is said that a stiff cup of Kick Ass Coffee brought him back to life. Now jumping ahead 111 years to 1996 we rediscover great coffee once again with Elana Rosenfeld’s mother taunt, the inevitable question “what are you two schmucks going to do with your life? Sell coffee from your garage?”

And their glorious response to embrace Kicking Horse Coffee- the pair Leo Johnson and Elana Rosenfeld exploring coffee and making it their livelihood. From beating the heat in boxer shorts as Leo roasted the highest quality beans, to Elana parading about with babies on her hips as she experimented with different blends- Kicking Horse Coffee is recognized as a Canadian home grown and family brewed coffee.

Based in a small town in British Columbia where they first began, Kicking Horse Coffee continues to grow. They now represent Canada’s number one organic Fair Trade coffee brand, offering a glorious selection of unique organic Fair Trade blends, and organic Fair Trade Chai, along with the always wonderful organic tea collection, and the delightful assortment of explosive chocolates. This Christmas why not give the gift of Kicking Horse Coffee, it’s Fair Trade, and it’s Canadian- who needs a better reason?

Kicking Horse whole bean Coffee is grown in the enchanting shade of the rainforest canopy. The environments in which these whole beans are grown provide a natural for birds and plants, and assist in the development of biodiversity. The natural conditions create superior and dependable quality and maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

But that is not all Kicking Horse Coffee is about- there cans are produced in North America and are the most recycled containers in the world. Made with recycled steel, these cans use 75% less energy to reproduce and can be reused and recycled an infinite amount of time, being birthed into more cans, or that shiny Espresso machine that makes your morning cup of superb Kick Ass coffee. Finally, Kicking Horse Coffee prides themselves in being the number one Fair Trade coffee company in Canada, making a global statement and participating in an economic movement. Kicking Horse Coffee Company ensures farmers receive a fair price, no matter the condition of the market. They have been licensee of TransFair Canada since they began and continue to impact the world positively.

Kick Ass Whole Bean Coffee is a rich roast of intense full bodied beans, powerful hints of acidity that covers your entire palette with the dreamy taste of exotic fruits and that savory taste of the bonfire as you recall your favorite camping trip. The aroma alone is enough to keep your head a buzz and your sense tingling. It is a great mix of Central American and Indonesian beans that combined give you a flavorful creation that only dreams are made of.

Kick Ass coffee is ideal for any coffee connoisseur, it calls all baristas, coffee masters, explorers, mothers, fathers, and coffee drinkers alike to rejoice in the purity of Organically grown coffee. Kick Ass Coffee is popular with athletes who would rather a natural cup of coffee from the heart instead of an energy bar before a workout. This coffee truly speaks to you, take it from a seasoned Barista from an always buzzing cafe, I think Kicking Horse has won me over.
Take a Coffee adventure through Kicking Horse’s Coffee collection, from the medium bodied, mountain climbing, Cliff Hanger Espresso, to the Dark Roast Grizzly Claw, Medium Bodied Jumbo Wild, the exotic King of all medium bodied coffees Sumatran, and many more always satisfying coffees. Ranging from some of the riches, full-bodied coffees found anywhere in the world, with natural notes of fruits, nuts, and taste defying spices. Take your coffee to the extreme.

Organic Tea

Fret no more, non coffee drinkers; Kicking Horse is much mightier than you may think. Kicking Horse offers 12 diverse teas for each new month. Kicking Horse Tea’s brings personality and charisma to your day. Start your Sunday morning off with the Nile River Chamomile Organic, and savour the warmth of pure joy. On Monday start your day with a brief history of Earl Grey the second, Britain’s Prime Minister in 1830 when you drink your cup of legendary organic black tea. Infused with fine black tea and organic osmanthus petals, every cup is smokey and golden pale in colour, with a smooth hint of natural sweetness that is sure to bring comfort to your afternoons. Give yourself a reason to look even more forward to Friday when you buy Blue Dragon Jasmine Organic Tea. A luxurious organic green tea that preserves your inner beauty as the floral tea eases the tension of your busy week. Kicking Horse tea brings a piece of mind, why wait enjoy a cup now.

Can Collection

Finally look no further for the perfect Christmas presents for that special someone. Kicking Horse has a wide collection of exciting gift collections great for all. From the Trio of Cans or the Trio of Coffee that are both wonderful wakeup calls during the Holiday Season. Or consider their lovely French press with the always golden bag of Kick Ass Coffee- a French press is a great way to preserve the natural oils of your favourite coffee, and they can be taken on the road during your travels this holiday season.

Wait…where’s the cup? A great question, and an even greater gift, why not give the taste of Kick Ass with the bold travel mug already wrapped in its very own Christmas Kicking Horse box and tissue paper, ready for the ski slopes, or a cozy spot under the Christmas tree. They say that chocolate is a gift of romance; choose between the Kicking Horse Chocolate Lovers Trio from dark to milk. Bring about some Christmas cheer, with the taste of great coffee.

Why choose Kicking Horse; because it Kicks Ass, Organic and Shade Grown, leads with a legend and starts with a story. They are Fair Trade, pure at heart, they can- we can. Kicking Horse Coffee is more than just a company; they are a way of life, from their methods of harvesting, to the way they do business.  Kick Horse-a company by simple people for simple people.

Kicking Horse Coffee is available at retailers throughout Canada and US, and at their  Online Store as well as on

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