Footzy Rolls are a line of rollable shoes designed by Jenifer and Sarah Caplan. I have previously tested and reviewed other brands of roll up shoes and have not had much success. When FootZyrollsI learned Footzy rolls had a line of  roll up flip flops I was eager to give them a try.  Like other roll up shoes, Footy roll flip flops fold up into a compact bundle. They come in a variety of styles and colors. I chose the color black zebra print just because black is very versatile.

I was so excited to try them out. When they arrived I took them out of the package and they looked like this.

Oh my goodness!

Footzy Rolls

What on earth. They look like they had been warn and what is with the tape on them?

For some reason the next day I received a second pair of Footzy rolls in the mail and they too were in the same condition.

I contacted Jenifer Caplan from Footzy rolls and to date have received no reply from Jenifer, so I posted on the Footzy rolls Facebook page.

I then received an email from customer service  stating that they were unsure what could have happened. They apologize and stated that this has never happened before, that one of the girls in the office must have made a mistake.

I totally understand that mistakes happen, but twice? The second pair of zebra prints have black smudges too.


When I sent both photos to Footzy rolls customer service they stated the following:

“Its the print. That is how the pu is..its not dirt.”

After examining the advertisement photo closely on the Footzy roll website  the Zebra Print does have black smudges right into the print. Other than not being pleased with the design of Footzy Flops Zebra print, Footzy Flops are comfortable unlike other roll-up flats.  I did notice that they  take a long time to flatten out and they don’t fit in the bag very well. I think they have a good concept and I’m wishing I had of went with another design.

If you’d like to purchase a pair of Footzyrolls you can do so at

The sample product(s) reviewed was provided free of charge. The views and opinions expressed in this post are solely that of Rose DesRochers, and are completely honest. Footzy rolls asked me not to post a review, because I was not totally pleased with the product. However, I always try my best to offer my reading audience an objective review, so that they  can make an informed decision before buying. I never give favorable reviews just because I receive a product for free.

Rose DesRochers is a Blogger, Writer, product reviewer and Founder of Today's Woman. Please feel free to contact me if you are a company with a product for me to review.

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