A Unique Baby Shower Gift Idea

Allow me to introduce you to the perfect baby shower gift for the mom that has Blooming Batheverything.

Blooming Baby Bath.

As many parent know  it can be difficult to bath a newborn.  Do away with large plastic bath tubs and buy the mom to be a Blooming Bath. Blooming Bath is a cute,  and convenient way to bathe a baby.


Believe it or not, Blooming Bath was developed and designed by four dads- Eric Devericks, Brian Pond, David Morelock and Tom Morris. Together, the four fathers co-founded the company and after more than a year of hard work, they rolled out their first product- the blooming bath cushion.

“When your baby’s so soapy and slippery and squirmy and when you’re trying to bend over a tub or keep them in place in the sink — frankly, it just takes a lot of the enjoyment out of a moment that should be such a great time,” Morelock said.

Unlike traditional baby bath tubs, The Blooming Bath is a super soft, large insert that conforms to the shape of any sink. Super easy to use- just put it in the sink and spread the petals. Then put baby in and add water.

The Blooming Bath fits any standard sink so you no longer have to lean, bend, sit, or squat just to bathe your child! Grandma’s will love it! Parents will  appreciate the speed, simplicity, and ease of the Blooming baby bath.

After you’re done with the bath, you can toss it in the dryer for 10-15 minutes Blooming Bathor hang it up to dry

Blooming Bath is simply adorable. Who wouldn’t want to bathe their baby in a sunflower? Also a cute prompt for photos.
Blooming bath comes in two colors- yellow or turquoise.


Are you stumped by what to give for a baby shower gift? Pick up a Blooming Bath. Currently the Blooming Bath is only available online at http://www.bloomingbath.com for $39.95.

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